Alaskan Malamute Illustrated Standard (by AMCA)

Correct appearance of a dog (side-drawn)

Correct appearance of a dog (en face)

Graceful light movements

Male type of alaskan malamute

Female type of alaskan malamute

Skeleton of malamute, the correct body and articulations

Correct body proportions (height / length = 9 / 10)

The correct head and ears, correct eyes

Correct head with ears alerted

Too round and protruding eyes

Too small and squinted eyes

Incorrect ears

Incorrect ears and doomed skull

Correct head and muzzle

Incorrect head, stop, muzzle and flews

Too small stop

Incorrect muzzle and underjaw

Correct scissor bite

Correct neck, top-line and body

Incorrect elbows and front

Incorrect elbows and front

Roached top-line

Sagging top-line and long lion

Correct tail-set

Too short tail

Incorrect tail

Incorrect tail

Correct front and legs

Correct forelegs

Incorrect pasterns and feet

Incorrect pasterns

Correct feet

Correct paws

Incorrect paws

Incorrect paws

Correct rear stances

Incorrect rear stances

Incorrect rear (too straight)

Incorrect rear (overangulated)

Incorrect hocks

Correct movements

Correct movements

Correct movements